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It feels good when you see someone else in a rut

It gives you confidence it makes you happy but You're not

...I'm living now but I feel dead
5 July
Tell them lies and they will believe you.
When your honest, they will decieve you.
If you love them they will just leave you,
but it you play them they will stay with you.
a change of pace, ace enders, allister, amber pacific, american hi-fi, avenged sevenfold, bands, bayside, being in love, being loved, believe in you, benefit of a doubt, black, blacktop mourning, blame twilight, bleed the dream, camping, chicago, chocolate, chris gaylor, christmas, ciwwaf, coloring, concerts, crown atlantic, cuddling, dancing, danny, day at the fair, drive-thru records, drums, eating, emo bands, emo boys, empire records, eyes, fall out boy, family, first impression, food, football, friends, fries, fuse, goin to concerts, good charlotte, guitars, guys, guys that play guitar, guys with shaggy hair, halifax, hanging out, hats, hawthorne heights, helping people, homegrown, houston calls, ice cream, it's like love, jeremiah rangel, john beats, june, kids in the way, laughing, linkin park, listening, love, lyrics, matchbook romance, math, matt lovato, maverick records, mest, michael vick, mike kennerty, movies, mtv, music, my computer, nelly, never heard of it, nice people, nick gigler, nick wheeler, number one fan, pictures, pink and black, pizza, punchline, red lipstick letter, relient k, romance, running, rushmore records, sam goody(danny), self against city, shane west, sherwood, shoppin, simple plan, singing, skater guys, sleeping, smile empty soul, so they say, softball, stickers, story of the year, sugarcult, summer, sunshine while its raining, swinging, taco bell, talking, tatoos, thats so raven, the all-american rejects, the beach boys, the bears, the color blue, the disney channel, the falcons, the mile after, the notebook, the starting line, the summer obsession, the used, this is me smiling, toe socks, tony lovato, tube socks, tyler read, tyson ritter, understanding, wakefield, walking, water, wendys, wester, yellowcard